We are living in the Digital Era: Internet, digital TV, always being in touch with our close ones, having handy navigators in our mobile phones and vehicles as well as many other digital services – are the essentials made possible with satellite technology.

Here in RESHETNEV we produce high-tech satellites connecting you to the world.

  • Over 1300 satellites built

What We Do

  • Design and build satellites, satellite systems and complexes for communication, television, data relaying, navigation and geodesy
  • Implement ground control segments
  • Control spacecraft and satellite constellations
  • Train your personnel to operate a satellite
  • Provide tech support throughout the entire satellite lifetime
  • Conduct research and development activities in the field of space engineering
  • Over 1000 units of process-specialized and general purpose machinery

Our customers

  • Governments
  • Commercial and corporate entities
  • Private customers

Wall-to-wall production algorithm and services

  1. Focusing on customer’s needs
  2. Drafting specification
  3. Satellite design
  4. Satellite manufacturing
  5. Satellite launch
  6. Training customer’s personnel for satellite operation
  7. Providing technical support throughout the satellite lifetime
  • Over 40 space systems and segment implemented

ECSS Certified

ISO 9000 Certified

  • Over 8600 employees

Government award

Order of Lenin Awarded on 11.10.1974
Order of the Red Banner of Labour Awarded on 21.10.1981

Worldwide recognition


International Exhibition of Invention, Research and New Technologies in Brussels,


  • 2003
  • 2008
  • 2011


    International Exhibition of Innovations, Scientific Research and New Technologies in Bucharest,


    • 2011


      International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva,


      • 2016
      • 2017
      • 2018
      • 2019
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        Our international projects

        • ANGOSAT-2

          Telecommunication satellite ANGOSAT-2 was built for the Republic of Angola in a swift and proficient manner. The satellite provides cutting edge communication and broadcasting services across Africa.

          ANGOSAT-2 was successfully launched on October 12, 2022.
        • KAZSAT-3

          Telecommunication satellite KAZSAT-3 was built for the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Republican Center of Space Communication. The satellite provides communication, broadcasting and data relay services across the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as neighboring countries.

          Satellite was launched on April 28, 2014.
        • SESAT

          SESAT (Siberian-European Satellite) is the first international project successfully delivered by Reshetnev Company under the contract with European satellite operator EUTELSAT. SESAT was launched on April 18, 2000 and had been providing TV broadcasting, Internet access, data relay, landline and mobile service for 18 years, which exceeded its contractual mission lifetime by 8 years.