Nesterov Evgeny (Aleksandrovich)

General Director
Ph.D. in Economics

Kuzovnikov Aleksandr (Vitalievich)

General Designer

Vigonskiy Yury (Grigorievich)

First Deputy General Director

Vilkov Yury (Viacheslavovich)

Deputy General Director for Development and Innovation

Khalimanovich Vladimir (Ivanovich)

Director of the Industry Center for Large-Scale Transformable Mechanical Systems
Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics Professor Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Engineering Order of the Red Banner of Labour Order of Honour Laureate of the USSR State Prize Laureate of the Russian Government's Award in Science and Technology Laureate of the Russian Government's Yury Gagarin Award in the field of Space Activities

Patraev Evgeny (Valerievich)

Deputy General Director for Production

Valov Mikhail (Vladimirovich)

Deputy General Designer for Space Systems Development, Spacecraft General Design and Control

Kochura Sergey (Grigorievich)

Deputy General Designer for Spacecraft Electrical Design and Control Systems
Ph.D. in Technology

Zamyatin Nikolai (Nikolaevich)

Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer

Chernousov Petr (Vissarionovich)

Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance

Berestov Aleksandr (Vladimirovich)

Deputy General Director for Human Resources

Zolotarev Sergey (Aleksandrovich)

Deputy General Director – Director of the Moscow RESHETNEV Office