Mass-produced solar arrays

The development of the MARATHON satellite SA frames manufacturing technology

RESHETNEV is developing a mass production concept for MARATHON satellites solar arrays (SA).

Letup and gluing methods have been introduced by RESHETNEV for production of carbon fiber frames. This technology is intended to improving the output rate and the performances of the produced components. Final development and adjustment of this technology are next to come.

RESHETNEV experts are working on optimization of the solar array mechanisms versus the ones used for the experimental MARATHON satellite. Experimental satellite used irreducible number of assemblies tuning and adjustments, whereas mass-produces satellites shall not require any adjustments whatsoever. During the development, not only the variety of components and fixtures was reduced, but also their quantity. Optimization of the satellite hold-down device has led to simplification of mechanisms and reduction of their number. In addition, the design of the mechanical device is fully adapted for assembly with automated tools, e.g. screwdriver.

As a result, the solar array mechanical device for series production has become more than two times lighter, while keeping the same functional capacity.

RESHETNEV experts have accomplished significant work on the SA target function, i.e. providing power to the satellite. It is planned to implement a so-called photoelectric module which would consist of photoconverters made of industrial silicon and merged into a single structure by means of glassing. The installation of this module will take considerably less time.

Jun 10, 2024