New SKIF satellites contracts

New SKIF satellites contracts

RESHETNEV signed two public contracts with ROSCOSMOS State Corporation for manufacturing, launch, and in-orbit testing of four more SKIF communication system satellites.

Under these contracts, RESHETNEV is responsible for SKIF satellite system in-orbit testing. On the first stage the satellite system operation shall engage six satellites. Currently, the first two SKIF satellites are in the process of manufacturing by RESHETNEV under the contract signed in 2023.

SKIF satellite system is a part of SPHERE federal program and is dedicated to provide wideband internet access across Russia and cross-border regions.

When completed, SKIF satellite system would include 12 satellites. They shall operate at Medium Earth Orbit of 8 070 km above the Earth with 90° inclination. In order to fulfil the mission, the satellites are going to be equipped with multibeam flexible payloads based on active phased array antennas, which will allow fast and flexible shaping of service areas, as well as increasing the total throughput capacity of the system.

May 30, 2024