New way of satellites positioning

Final inspection of demonstration satellite SKIF-D before transportation to cosmodrome

A new approach for satellite positioning was tested on the first satellite of the SPHERE federal program by RESHETNEV.

The key feature of the new positioning method developed by RESHETNEV is exclusion of the sun sensor and rate-measuring device from the standard instrumentation, which previously has been used for the low orbit satellites. As for SKIF-D, the demonstration satellite, their functions were carried out by magnetometer and star tracker. RESHETNEV experts have also came up with new algorithms of satellite damping mode and autonomous sun orientation mode.

Such approach allowed to cut expenses on the satellite manufacturing and scale back the scope of testing. Testing in space conditions confirmed the correctness of the technical solutions proposed by the company's engineers.

The new way of satellite positioning will be applied on MARATHON IoT multi satellite data transmission system. Currently, work is underway to adapt this method for GONETS-M1 and SKIF satellites.

May 16, 2024