RESHETNEV company anniversary

RESHETNEV company main building

RESHETNEV celebrates 65th anniversary of its foundation on the 4th of June.

By the decree issued on 4 June 1959, an eastern branch of Sergey Korolyov Design Bereau-1 was established in Krasnoyarsk-26. Mikhail Reshetnev took over the leadership of the branch.

KOSMOS-3 launch vehicle had become the first independent project of Reshsetnev’s branch. KOSMOS-3 with three experimental satellites on board was successfully launched in 1964. Since then, the young team focused on the new prospective area – development and manufacturing of automatic satellites.

A small branch had quickly became an independent enterprise, which took the lead of rocket and space industry of the country. The most outstanding achievements of the enterprise in 1960-1970 were the manufacturing of the satellite constellation for the world’s first satellite communication and broadcasting system operating in high elliptical orbit (MOLNIYA-1 satellites), production of coordinometric space systems (TSIKLON, SPHERE, TSIKADA), exploration of the geostationary orbit, and creation of the world's first direct television broadcasting satellite system EKRAN.

In the 1980’s the enterprise started the development of GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System orbital constellation, developed and manufactured the first domestic retranslation satellites, and in the mid-1990’s became the first Russian company to enter a world market with SESAT project.

Over the years, the company built over 49 satellite systems, and over 1300 various mission satellites.

Currently, RESHETNEV satellites provide a wide range of telecommunication services across Russian Federation and other countries. RESHETNEV remains the only manufacturer of navigation, relay and geodesy satellites in the country to this date.

Being one of the key contractor in the SHPERE Federal Program, RESHETNEV produces new satellite communication systems such as SKIF, EXPRESS-RV, and MARATHON IoT, which contributes greatly to multiplying the national satellite constellation. At present, RESHETENEV company remains committed to keep up its development and introduces a new industrial model of satellite production based parallel design and mass production principles.

New generation navigation satellite
ANGOSAT-2 RF testing preparation
EXPRESS-AMU3 solar array deployment check
SKIF-D demonstration satellite final check
EXPRESS-AMU3 and EXPRESS-AMU7 are being prepared for transportation to cosmodrome
Jun 04, 2024