Thermal control subsystems for enhanced power satellites

Small, thin-walled components are used for the new type of heat pipes

RESHETNEV company undertake the development of new onboard thermal control subsystems.

RESHETNEV specialists have completed design documentation specifying the miniature heat pipes and thermal control subsystem using them.

Currently, the new technology is being tested on exploratory prototypes. The unique engineering solutions for the design of miniature contour heat pipe featuring a capillary evaporator ensure high efficiency of heat transfer from satellite devices.

The contour heat pipes components are made with powder metallurgy and 3D printing. The evaporator’s thin-walled body and miniature heat pipes are laser welded.

High level of technological processes makes it possible to eliminate deformation of contour heat pipes components, while ensuring sealing, durability, light weight and providing the required heat dissipation performance.

Enhancing thermal control subsystems shall allow RESHETNEV to increase payload capacity for satellites of various class.

Using additive technology allows to ensure complex porous structure of TCS evaporators
May 22, 2024