Waveguide production tooling

RESHETNEV’s invention was gold medal awarded at Archimedes-2024 exhibition

RESHETNEV experts developed a new technical tool for rectangular section waveguides production.

At present, a metal band pack installed inside the workpiece is used to bend and twist the waveguide, whereas RESHETNEV experts suggest using the new proprietary tooling instead. This tool is manufactured by the method of pultrusion and consists of a set of square section rods made of composites and lubricating materials with low friction factor, such as graphite, fluorine plastic, and the like.

Implementation of this tooling will make fixtures mounting and removing easier and will enable bending rectangular waveguides with wall thickness of 0.3-0.4 mm in two planes in one spindle installation, while keeping the product geometry and quality of its inner surface.

Moreover, one of many advantages of this invention is its uniformity and interchangeability. Spindles for various section waveguides can be assembled of the same components.

Jun 03, 2024